Intuitive Pharma software for distribution and wholesale billing!

Soezy software is designed for wholesale businesses in the pharmaceutical industry and includes comprehensive management tools for the distribution chain, order processing, inventory, and accounting.


Multiple warehouses management

Sozey’s pharmaceutical distribution software enables virtual management of multiple branches, allowing you to monitor inventory levels across all branches. You can easily transfer stock from one branch to another. Combined reports for all branches are available


Sales order management

With Soezy’s Pharma distribution mobile app , you can expand your customer base while also satisfying your customers by ensuring timely order fulfilment by quick product dispatch to their delivery addresses. Additionally, this software allows you to keep track of your acknowledgments.


Inventory Control

Soezy’s pharmaceutical software is designed to help you optimise inventory and investment by integrating end-to-end Purchase Order Management, Inventory Management and Financial Accounting. It also includes features for managing both Whole Sale and Retail Sales.


Track offer and expiry claims

Our distribution software is designed to minimise reverse logistics costs by implementing accurate expiry terms. It allows you to reclaim expired goods and negotiate with your supplier to increase profits and expand your market penetration.

What is Wholesale Pharma software?

Soezy’s Pharma Wholesale software, designed to assist Pharma Distributors, Dealers, wholesalers, and stockists in efficiently managing their inventory, sales, orders, accounting, and sales representatives. With our software, you can streamline your operations, automate processes, and effectively manage your Pharma wholesale and retail distribution business.

Our Wholesale Pharma Distributors Billing Software offers a comprehensive solution that includes single and multi-location billing, as well as a Distribution Management System (DMS). Our software enables proactive business management by providing complete inventory control with expiry management, virtual godown management, and real-time tracking of your pharmaceutical wholesale distribution business performance from anywhere. With our software, you can delight your customers by ensuring timely order fulfilment.

Our Soezy Wholesale Software empowers Pharma distributors to grow their business efficiently with minimal staff and little training by automating business operations with accuracy. As the best Pharma Distribution Software in India, We Provide mobile solutions that will automate sales force operations, allowing for on-the-go order taking and billing. With our software, you can measure and improve service levels through online ordering and make timely business decisions by tracking real-time data from anywhere.

Features of Soezy Pharma Distributor Software


Digital Payment & Collection

Our Soezy pharma software simplifies digital collections and payments by providing secure payment modes, bill-by-bill reconciliation, among other features.


Delivery & Shipping

Our Soezy pharma software can help you minimize shipping expenses, expand your reach, and ensure timely delivery of your products to your customers while providing 100% safety and security through your reliable delivery partners.


Sales Order Mobile App

With our Soezy pharma Mobile App, you can directly contact your customers/retailers and receive orders, payments, and other necessary information.


Import Purchase Online

With our Soezy pharma software,you can easily import the sales bill from your supplier's system and convert it into a purchase with just a single click. This can be done in CSV format, and you can even map the items/products with your existing items for added convenience.


Re-Order Management

Our Soezy pharma software can help you identify which products in your store are fast-moving, slow-moving, or non-moving. You can also set re-order levels and generate re-orders based on product sale, stock level, and other relevant calculations.


Warehouse Management

With our Soezy pharma software advanced inventory tracking, you can efficiently manage multiple warehouses by monitoring the inflow and outflow of stocks, generating product challans, and keeping your inventory up to date.


Rack Management

Our software provides the ability to manage inventory for multiple items by rack location and Box Numbers which allows for easy identification of items during billing and the generation of stock reports sorted by rack location.


Expiry Management

Our Dashboard and Reports provides expired and expiring products with you to quickly take action and get replacements from the suppliers.


Easy Billing

With our Soezy pharma software you can easily generate billing by generating Sales Order to Sales auto conversion, Templates ,Quick Searches, Generic Name Search and Barcode Scanning.


Credit Management

Manage your credit customers by setting different types of controls like Credit Limit setting, Number of bill setting or by Number of days . When payment is received the limits are increased to facilitate the sales.


Online Orders

Soezy Mobile app for Retailers can place their orders directly to Distributors , who can receive the Sales orders into the application directly. Convert Sales Order to Sales will complete the sale with minimal manual intervention. Track Missed Sales orders and deliver them after procurement.



Our Reminders and Notifications will provide timely reminders for Claims and payments on time to minimize your recovery time.

Soezy Distribution Software

Manage your Pharma Distribution Business like a PRO with Soezy Distribution Software.

Specially designed for Stockists, Wholesalers, Distributors, Pharma C&Fs.

Easyily Manage your Expiry & Dump Stock.

Do effortless Stock Management & Accounting Management.

Uninterrupted GST Billing, Reports to Return Filing.

Increase your sales with easy Shipping & Deliveries.

Complete business management to increase your revenues.

Soezy’s top-notch Pharma Wholesale Mobile App

Our application is designed to help Pharma Distributors:

Increase sales and reduce order processing and delivery costs by enabling sales representatives to take more orders anywhere.

Maintain control over pricing and enjoy higher margins by providing multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, customer groups, and product categories.

Keep complete track of inventory, optimize stock levels, and automate reorders based on minimum and maximum stock values.

Gain complete visibility into outstanding and collection reports with financial accounting.

Easily replace expired, broken, and damaged goods with complete tracking and simplified inspection/approval processes.

It allows you to manage your business remotely from anywhere. Pharmaceutical C&Fs, Stockists, Distributors, and Wholesale traders can utilise Soezy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soezy Pharma Wholesale Software is a robust SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized pharma while significantly reducing costs. Unparalleled scalability and flexibility in terms of licensing, deployment, and upgrades are some of the benefits that soezy pharma wholesale software offers.

Soezy Pharma Wholesale Software’s user interface accelerates all your workflows and processes by enabling you to navigate smoothly via the keyboard on an HTML5 screen.

With soezy pharma wholesale software’s flexible pricing scheme, you will be able to get the best package with all the features you need for the price you can afford. Simply put, you maximize the value of money when you go for Soezy Pharma Wholesale Software to help you run and manage your pharma operations.

Cloud-based Pharma wholesale Software offers countless benefits that can help you save time and money. Distributor's are now finding that cloud-based Pharma management system is not only easy to set up, but actually goes ahead and eliminates their overhead costs.

The flexibility of a cloud-based Pharma wholesale Software allows distributors to add new dealer, users and multiple locations quickly and efficiently- without garnering a lot of expense or downtime.

With cloud-based Pharma wholesale Software, practices benefit from economy of scale – since many providers use the same system, and redundant costs are minimized, if not eliminated.

soezy's modern & intuitive Cloud PoS pharma Software will help you confidently tackle GST. You can save valuable working capital by accurately claiming input tax credit.

Soezy distibutor & wholesale Software's proprietary tax engine embedded will automate the tasks and accurately match the invoices.

You can create GST compliant invoices in minutes using soezy's customizable invoicing module. Email the invoices, send reminders for pending invoices, monitor receivables using our intuitive Medical store software.

soezy's Pharma Billing Software will intelligently segregate IGST, State GST and CGST & helps you in accurate filing of your returns. With our advanced API Libraries, you can connect to a GST Suvidha provider of your choice by a click of a button.

Currently we have integrated with CAMS, a HDFC Bank’s affiliate company to provide you seamless GST filing.

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Soezy Mobile app for Retailers can place their orders directly to Distributors , who can receive the Sales orders into the application directly.

Convert Sales Order to Sales will complete the sale with minimal manual intervention.

Track Missed Sales orders and deliver them after Procurement.

Our dedicated and highly trained support team through their comprehensive range of customer support services ensure quick response & quicker solutions for all your requirements.

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