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Intuitive Design

Designed just not to look & feel great, Soezy’s GST ready Medical Store Software also works great with Thunderbolt UI, which makes it a breeze to learn and start using the software within minutes.

Reviews Soezy Medical Store Software - Sharmila Patel, Healthcare Retailer, Chennai

Ms. Sharmila Patel, India

“One of my favourite things among the other favourites about Soezy is its user-friendly interface. It’s so easy that my grandmother could work on it”


Value for money

With our simple and honest pricing coupled with the best features, you get maximum value for your hard earned money.

Reviews hCue Medical Store Software -Alan Harris, Healthcare Retailer, Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Harris Alan, Malaysia

“Soezy is a rainmaker; it makes things pretty simple and well organized with highest return-on-investment”


Invest in Reliability

The GST ready Medical Store Software also works offline ensuring business continuity even when there is distribution in internet services. Be rest assured, with Soezy you will be investing in reliable technology and people to run your business successfully.

Reviews hCue Medical Store Software -Emma Johnson, Healthcare Retailer, Virginia

Ms. Emma Johnson, USA

“Even my 6 year old daughter gets angry when the internet is down, but with Soezy, rest assured I can always remain calm and at peace”


Increase your Profits

Our customisable and highly intelligent Medical Store Software reports engine offers you powerful insights about your business and the market, now you can connect the dots and analyze data to find new customers, increase revenue and repeat success.

Reviews hCue Medical Shop Software -Hasan Herianto, Healthcare Retailer, Jakarta

Mr. Hasan Herianto, Indonesia

“Soezy is not just a revenue generating software, it improved my business awareness and helped my customers to find my pharmacy, now I can find more new faces and I know what they need”


Grows with your Business

Soezy’s GST ready Medical Store Software is highly scalable and flexible, designed to adapt to your business needs & requirements. Customisable and integrated to keep in pace with your business as it grows.

Reviews hCue Medical Shop Software -Bheka Dzinkai, Healthcare Retailer, Cape Town

Mr. Bheka Dzinkai, South Africa

“I did nothing with what I learned in my university, but today I am running a successful business not just by working hard, but by working smart using Soezy“


Out of box Customizations

Soezy’s GST ready Pharmacy Software offers out of box integrations & meaningful customizations which helps streamlining your Pharmacy functions.

Reviews hCue Pharmacy Software -Matthew Benjamin, Healthcare Retailer, London

Mr. Matthew Benjamin, England

“I never thought my customization requirements could be done at such a short time, Soezy made it all happen, I felt like a kid on Christmas day"


Will help you Succeed

The cloud based GST ready Pharmacy Software gives you the flexibility to run your Pharmacy anywhere allowing you to be in touch with your business and oversee critical Pharmacy functions so that you can act fast and score with greater efficiency.

Reviews hCue Medical Store Software -Mohan, Healthcare Retailer, Chennai

Mr. N Mohan, India

“My family members concluded that I have become a smartphone addict, I really don’t know how to explain that I’m just overseeing my business on-the-go”


Millitary Grade Security

Your 'Data is Never Lost' Soezy’s GST ready Pharmacy Billing Software uses industry best encryption standards to keep your data safe and secure, we are also compliant with all international data privacy compliance norms.

Reviews hCue Pharmacy Billing Software -Lim Lee, Healthcare Retailer, Singapore

Ms. Lim Lee, Singapore

“No worries, Soezy gives me peace of mind, knowing my data is safe and secure"


Delight your Customers

Be it medicine reminders or home delivery, these little things go a long way in delighting your customers. Soezy’s GST ready Medical shop software shortens customer wait time and has been integrated with popular payment wallets and swipe machines to create a great customer experience.

 Reviews hCue Medical Store Software -Ravichandran, Healthcare Retailer, Chennai

Mr. M Ravichandran, India

“As a pharmacy shop owner, using Soezy I can take care of all my consumer needs 25 hours a day and 8 days a week without doing much, all the refill/repurchase reminders are sent to them automatically”


Quick Response, Quicker Solutions

To ensure smooth integration of the clients businesses with Soezy’s Medical Software, our highly trained and efficient support team offers the most comprehensive range of customer support services & the best possible solutions.

Reviews hCue Pharmacy Billing Software -Anjana, Healthcare Retailer, Chennai

Ms. Anjana Sharma, India

“Soezy is completely collaborative, it’s like we all are in the same room as one team, Soezy’s holistic support helps us to be more productive and save time”

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