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Intuitive Design

More than the thoughtful user experience, Soezy's Patient Management System has killer features like Thunderbolt UI & custom templates which lets you write an E-prescriptions in less than 60 seconds.

Reviews hCue Clinic Management System Dr.CRK Balaji, Chennai

Dr. CRK Balaji, India

"Soezy's innovative clinic management software is wonderful, it is going to make a drastic change in the medical industry, it's so user friendly and has the wow factor"


Clinical WorkFlow Integration

Soezy’s modular design helps integrating Soezy’s Clinic Management Software with your current work flow, significantly reduces the learning curve of your staff.

Reviews hCue Clinic Management System Dr. Nisha Sharma, Chennai

Dr. Nisha Sharma, India

“From reception to prescription, we Soezy almost everything in our clinic and our staff are ever so jubilant”


Wow your Patients

Soezy's Patient Management System helps patients find and book Doctor appointments online with ease and works on all platforms, delight your patients with appointment & medicine alerts through sms and email.

Reviews hCue Clinic Management System Dr. Zikri, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Zikri Ahmed, Malaysia​

“No more queue, because we all use Soezy!”, sounds like a rhyme, right? Using Soezy's Clinic Management System I feel like one of the smartest doctors in the city”


Grows with your Business

Our Practice & Clinic Management Software works well right from 1 clinic to a 100+ clinic chain. You can centrally manage all the clinics using a single dashboard.

Reviews hCue Clinic Management Software Dr. ​Meril Jacob, Edinburgh

Dr. Meril Jacob, Scotland

“It’s like playing with Lego bricks, I throw my hands up in the air when I stick them all together; I mean my accounting, inventory, expense management, everything related to my clinic”


Be #1 Chain in your City

Through cutting edge analytics and deep market insights, Soezy's EMR / EHR Software will help you take those critical business decisions to be more efficient and will eventually be a trusted partner in your journey towards excellence.

Reviews hCue Clinic Management Software Dr. Rajesh Nandipati, Chennai

Dr. Rajesh Nandipati, India

"I was impressed with their vision and commitment to deliver world class products. I am very happy to say that Soezy's EHR / EMR Software has helped me in every possible way to run my clinic efficiently"


Military Grade Security

Your patient data is yours. With our HIPAA compliant & IS0 27001 Practice Management Software, data security is our topmost priority.

​Reviews hCue Clinic Management Software Dr. Giri Chellapa, Chennai

Dr. Giri Chellapa, India

“I have used other cloud healthcare platforms & some even compromised my data. With Soezy’s (Patient Management System) business integrity and ethics, I am 200% sure that my patient data is safe”


Out of box Customizations

Soezy’s Clinic Management System offers out of box integrations & meaningful customizations which helps in streamlining clinical workflows.

Reviews hCue Practice Management Software Dr. ​Raymond, Bali

​Dr. ​Raymond Smith, Indonesia

“Soezy takes care of me like a virtual assistant, from start to finish & everything in between is scheduled to perfection and makes my life easy”


Value for Money

Soezy’s Patient Management System offers the lowest cost of ownership and best value for your hard earned money with highest return on investment.

​Reviews hCue Practice Management Software Dr. ​Joel S Rodney, Newark

​Dr. ​Joel S Rodney, USA

“Now I can buy better equipment for my clinic and think about opening another branch, Soezy's Patient Management System has given me the confidence to dream big”


Powerful Analytics

Soezy’s Clinic Management Software analytics and reporting dashboard with minutest details of your clinical workflow helps you run your clinic as a smart as possible.

Reviews hCue Practice Management Software Dr. ​Philippe Ayman, Beirut

​Dr. ​Philippe Ayman, Lebanon

“Soezy’s Clinic Management Software gives me the eyes in the back of the head finally. I am really impressed that we have become more productive and running the extra mile”


Become #1 Clinic of Choice

Soezy’s Practice Management Software is tailor-made to take care of your needs to scale up your practice, Soezy plays a big role as an intelligent, integrated platform that perfectly connects the dots.

Reviews hCue Patient Management Software  Dr. Amirah Ghadah, Dubai

Dr. Amirah Ghadah, UAE

“Soezy’s Practice Management Software is my IQ, it has improved my income quotient, now I can plan, oversee and manage my practice to stay ahead of the competition”

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