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Dental charting consultation module

  • The Universal Dental Chart allows Dentist to specify the status of each tooth.
  • Conditions can be planned for each tooth, numbered as per pediatric/adult requirements.

Multi-Location Management

  • Do you have Dental Clinics in multiple locations & not sure how to manage them effectively?
  • One account, one dashboard is all you need to manage all your Dental Clinics efficiently.
Soezy Dental Practice ManagementMulti-Location Management

Analytics Dashboard & Reports

  • Streamline your workflow and boost productivity through insightful analytics.
  • Soezy's Dental Clinic Management Software offers Intelligent Dashboard with extensive activity reports.
  • Total Revenue, Outstanding, Patient Appointments, Patient visits, Treatments and much more.
Analytics Dashboard with Soezy's Dental Clinic Management Software

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Advanced Patient Management

  • Soezy Dental Software offers a cloud based platform to manage all your patient's EMR/EHR.
  • View case history, lab tests, patient visits, payment details and track patients dental health progress.
Soezy's Dental Software - Patient Management

Integrations & Customisations

  • IoT integration that allows your dental imaging to sync with Soezy Dental Software seamlessly.
  • Tally integration for smart accounting.
  • Out of box integrations & meaningful customizations to help your business grow.
Soezy's Dental Practice Management - Reports

Unified treatments & pricing

  • Central administrative controls to change rates for consultations, treatments, procedures and more.
  • New treatments can be added along with costs and kept active or deactivated in line with ongoing offers.
Unified treatments & pricing with Soezy's Dental Software

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Centralized Patient Repository

  • One single place to access all Patients, information, records, treatments, vitals, conditions etc.
  • Dental Software that enables Dentist and authorized roles to view information anywhere & anytime forever.
Centralized Patient Repository with Soezy's Dental Practice Management

Appointment Management at it's Best.

  • Booking appointments for Patients is available 24x7 through Web & Mobile.
  • Appointments can be booked daily/weekly/monthly with scheduled follow-up visits.
  • Notifications are sent to Patients via Email, SMS and/or in-app notifications.
Centralized Appointments & Scheduling with Soezy's Dental Practice Management

Central management for dental supplies

  • Ability for the Dentist to perform direct orders for Dental Supplies against Patient requirements.
  • Soezy's Dental Clinic Management Software offers advanced Dental Supply Management.
Central management for dental supplies- Dental Software

Remotely accessible MIS reports

  • All administrative, clinical, financial reports & analytics are available over the cloud.
  • Information can be analysed under several parameters like Branch, Physician, Treatment and others.
  • Advanced Dental Software analytics around Patient types, Cash received, Treatments, and much more.
Soezy Dental Clinic Management Software Remotely accessible MIS reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Soezy Dental Clinic Management Software/Dental Practice Management is a robust SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized clinics while significantly reducing costs. Unparalleled scalability and flexibility in terms of licensing, deployment, and upgrades are some of the benefits that Soezy’s Dental Software offers.

Soezy’s Dental Software/Dental Clinic Management Software’s user interface accelerates all your workflows and processes by enabling you to navigate smoothly via the keyboard on an HTML5 screen.

With Soezy Dental Software’s flexible pricing scheme, you will be able to get the best package with all the features you need for the price you can afford. Simply put, you maximize the value of money when you go for Soezy Clinic Management Software to help you run and manage your Clinic operations.

Cloud-based Dental Software offers countless benefits that can help you save time and money. Dentists are now finding that cloud-based dental software/dental clinic management software is not only easy to set up, but actually goes ahead and eliminates their overhead costs.

The flexibility of a cloud-based dental Clinic Management Software allows dentists to add new patients, users and multiple locations quickly and efficiently- without garnering a lot of expense or downtime.

With cloud-based dental Clinic Management Software, practices benefit from economy of scale – since many providers use the same system, and redundant costs are minimized, if not eliminated.

We believe in prioritizing your data security over others. We provide the most robust encryption and data infrastructure available. These includes:

Industry-leading data system security. All your data transfers with Soezy’s Dental Clinic Management Software have the highest level of SSL/TLS encryption against malicious parties.

Privacy and HIPAA compliance. Soezy’s Dental Clinic Management Software meets all HIPAA and proposed HHS certification requirements.

Account security. Access to your Dental Software account is monitored with strict user access levels so you can be sure that information doesn’t go to the wrong place.

Yes! Soezy’s dental software is a responsive software, which means it can be easily used with any web-enabled device.

Of particular importance is the ability for your practice to use tablets (iOS, Android, or Windows) in your operatories for dental charting, centralized patient repository, multi-location management and patient treatments.

Our dedicated and highly trained support team through their comprehensive range of customer support services ensure quick response & quicker solutions for all your requirements.

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